Der. Special Ceramide Sleeping Mask 4ml x 21pcs

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The Der. Special Ceramide Sleeping Mask is the #1 skin barrier protector you’ll ever need. Containing the major components of Ceramide NP, Fatty Acids and Cholesterol, this sleeping mask strengthens the skin’s barrier while sleeping and owing to its gel texture like, the moisture is felt as soon as it's applied. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, a plant active ingredient extracted from the root of Licorice helps soothe irritated skin. Bisabolol, a natural brightening ingredient, brightens your complexion and relieves irritation. Astaxanthin, effective for preventing aging, brightens and improves skin’s texture. With an ‘on-the-go’ design, this mask can be applied anytime, anywhere. Special care, one pack a day! 

Why we love it: 

Infused with Ceramide NP, Cholesterol and Fatty Acids, the major components of the skin, this sleeping mask strengthens your skin’s barrier and intensively takes care of your skin overnight.

How to use: 

At the last stage of your skincare routine in the evening, evenly apply it to your face, except for the eye area and around the mouth. Now you are ready for your beauty sleep.


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