We started small, but we are here for the long-run, and for this we have strong shared values. 

Integrity – Be human! We are customers ourselves so we know how tough the consumer’s world can be. At RM Brands we are committed to supplying only high-quality products procured directly from the manufacturer. We have a severe curating process which we abide by and will not deliver anything from a third party distributor.


Dedication – Ambition is at the core of our team. We wish to improve people’s lives and way of living, not to add to their daily expense list. When you purchase a skincare product you should be sure of its efficacy. We are dedicated to bring nothing but the best!


Passion – Skincare is a fast advancing field with new innovative ingredients coming out on the market constantly. Our experts are well thought and constantly hunting for more knowledge. We are only humans, but as we live we continue to learn, and what we find to be ground-breaking we will share it with you. 


Wellbeing – We are not looking for pretty bottles which will showcase well in your bathroom. We care about the efficacy of the products we procure, to make your skin feel better. Our products are thoroughly trialled and tested before displaying them on our virtual shelves, so if they do not perform well for us, you won’t find them here.